Some of my favorite websites

Friend's Websites:

  • Brandy Herbert / BigD60's-TrinityRiverMusic
    •  Another nice webpage listing over at the TrinityRiverMusic/BigD60's site!  I'm thrilled to be included there because I grew up in the Dallas area, and this website was an offshoot of a group that formed to remember and honor the music scene in Dallas/Fort Worth back in the 60's, when I first started playing in bands!  Being invited to join there is another major personal honor!
  • Brandy Herbert / LadyJazzer @ Acoustic Bylines.com
    •  Yep...I've got a whole new webpage listing over at Acoustic Bylines!  I'm really excited because there are a lot of folks there that I've had the pleasure to record and perform with, and being invited to join there is a major personal honor!
  • Jessica Williams
    • One of the greatest jazz pianists of our time, and an absolute virtuoso...and a good friend.
  • Jennifer Leitham
    • Doc Severinson's bass-player, and rated as the 'finest left-handed' bass-player in the world!
  • Kim Ciara
    • One of the finest woman bass-players in the country...Also a good friend.
  • Mimi Fox
    • The most incredible guitarist I've run across in the last 30 years!  Check out her videos and CDs!
  • Albert Lee
  • Mike Warner
    • Wonderful singer from Germany, good friend, and also a friend of Albert Lee's...
  • Amy Zapf
    • One of the greatest woman pianist/composers in Europe!... Also a close friend.
  • Marguerite Juenemann
    • One of Colorado's finest vocalists, and someone I hope to be able to do a regular sit-down gig with soon.
  • 'JJQ' (Just Jazz Quintet)
    • One of the groups I work with regularly.  One of Colorado's finest jazz groups; out of Fort Collins & Loveland...(Check out the "Bios" page)
  • Dale Ness - Piano
    • One of Denver's greatest jazz-pianists, and a great friend.
  • Denny Freeman
    • One of the finest all-around blues-players in the world!...(We went to high-school together, and he played with SRV's bands, and NOW, he's on the road with Dylan!!)
  • Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbie
    • Great players, songwriters & performers, and I was privileged to play on one of their albums.
  • Everly Brothers International
    • Some of my pictures of the Everlys that I took back in the 70's are featured there this month (February '06 - 'Pic(s) of the Month')
  • John Findlay
    • If you haven't heard of this guy yet, you NEED to!  Check out the "Frasers Dream" material, and if you "join", you get access to some MP3's you can download that are jaw-dropping!
  • Machan Taylor
    • Amazing new singer/composer/guitarist from the Woodstock, NY, area.  Check out her material at her website, and download some of her tunes!  Also, check out her Facebook page, "Machan"...
  • Nancy Nielsen
    • I've recently had the pleasure of meeting Nancy and working with her in the Santa Fe area!  Great vocalist!  Look for more on my calendar as her new band takes shape!
  • Old Dogs With New Tricks
    • My friends, Rex Forte, Wayne Naylor and a really kick-a** Denver band!!
  • BiggaDigga
    • Glenn Tapia's Denver funk-band project...Check out the sound clips on their site!


Some of my favorite General Music sites:


Some of my favorite Miscellaneous sites:

  • 'Sweet Fanny Adams'
    • One of the places I play at regularly up here in the Colorado mountains...Some of the greatest acoustic-music players in the country are "regulars" here!
  • Little Bear Saloon - Evergreen, CO
    • Home of some of the most famous bands to come out of Colorado...STILL a great place for everything from soul/horn-bands, blues & even the new-wave/punk set.


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