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NEW!!  Additional Videos of Live Performances just added (Sounds page).

NEW!!  Solo (excerpt) from new "Swedge Jazz" project just added (Sounds page)

NEW!!  Videos of Live Performances just added (Sounds page)

NEW!!  Check out another new page at: BigD60's/TrinityRiver Music!

NEW!!  Check out my new page at "Acoustic Bylines"!

NEW!!  Added new track to 'Sounds' page: 'Poor Kid' by Lady Wilde! (w/permission)

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  •  Swedge Music Productions:  Producer/Arranger/Session player (multiple guitars/bass) for new CCM/Contemporary Christian Music songs written & performed by Larry Shults.  Expected release date, 2014.


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Anti-Violence Day, Hollywood, CA - 2004Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my career, and hobbies.

Update: 3rd page of Photos showing recent tour through the Gibson/Montana factory, and pictures of my new "Traveling Songwriter" guitar!; new Roland GR-33 synth, new Godin "ACS/SA-slim" guitar, new midi-enabled Strat; new Eastman "John Pisano" archtop; and new Schedule updates!

I'm back to gigging with old friends, and making new friends and new music!  Regular monthly "Jazz Nights" at the Black Crown have been resumed with Mailyn Faulker!   SAD NEWS:  We've just learned that the Black Crown has decided go to an all-piano-bar format.  So all of the jazz groups which have been part of the Friday regular "Jazz Night" will not be performing after 10/31/14.  It's been a great 3 year run, but all good things don't last forever.  Mailyn and I will be looking for a new venue for our group, and it will show up here as soon as we have information to share!  Thanks to all of our loyal fans!!

Any new gigs will be posted on the Schedule-page.  New videos of live performances just added; more soon!

GOOD NEWS:  Jeff Scarborough of the Bucktones is back & all healed up, and 'back in the saddle.'  I enjoyed subbing for him, and hope that we get to gig again sometime!

A special THANK-YOU to the doctors and staff at UCSD/Univ of California-San Diego, who performed a surgical miracle and allowed me to be able to breathe again!  It feels like I have a new set of lungs, thanks to your expertise and caring!


NEW YouTube video of live performance with "HerRisin'" @ Java Jam, 2015 & Swedge Jazz Band, "Live in the Park".

ONE CD project in-progress this year!  Expect release date in 2014:

ONE CD released last year!

THREE CD's released 2010:


  Click on the links for ordering information!

NEW!!  Check out my new page at "Acoustic Bylines"!

NEW!!  Check out another new page at: BigD60's/TrinityRiver Music!

 NEW!!  Visit my new Jazz Guitarist in Conifer page on Gig Salad !! 

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